Meet Baby Avangaline – Sneak Peek!

Recently I met a beautiful family from Yanchep for a newborn/family photoshoot with their new little arrival "Avangaline". Avangaline was 14 days old and enjoyed pulling out her swimming moves, stretching her legs as far as they could go and peeing on everything possible haha. She had beautiful blonde hair and wanted to be awake for majority of the session but managed to concede defeat and enjoy the warmth and cosy beanbag. Olga and her husband should be very proud of her little family, their children have impeccable manners, did everything I asked of them without hassle and made me feel very welcomed entering their home. It was lovely to meet them all and hopefully I will see them again in the future. Please come check out a sneek peak from Avangaline's newborn session.


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